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Tricube Design Studio

Avant-Garde Interiors

Tricube Design Studio

Avant-Garde Interiors

Tricube Design Studio

Avant-Garde Interiors

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Who are we 

We are a team of skilled and extremely prolific interior designers in Hyderabad. Tricube Designing studio provides the best interior designing service in hyderabad. We are highly qualified and experienced team to work on all kind of residential and commercial interior needs .  

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What we do

Residential Design

We are passionate about creating happy spaces. Our home interior designers understands your requirement and make sure your personal tastes reflect through out your home.

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Office Design

Pleasant interiors improve productivity and team bonding. We understand this is where you spend most of your time out of home.We create spaces to reflect your company ethos.

Commercial Design

Ambience plays a key role in Hospitality , Food and Beverage Business sectors. We have specialist skills in designing breath taking ballrooms to new age watering holes.

Our work Process

  • Meet & Discuss
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

We spend much of our time and energy searching for new ways, new methods, and new materials to use – to create timeless living spaces .Our job is to understand your style and bring it to life. Our design team shall meet with you to discuss the options that are available at your property, our offices or at a place of your convenience. The first meeting is to understand your vision and functional requirements. We also bring around our previous work designs so that you have an understanding of what can be achieved and how design boundaries can be pushed.

We listen carefully to our customers to understand their needs and desires. After a brainstorming session to decide on the best among the numerous design pathways available which suit our customer requirements, we create several 3D renders for the chosen pathway. These renderings will give an accurate virtual view of how the interiors would be with chosen materials, colours and give our customers an opportunity to ensure the end result reflects their personality and lifestyle.

Up on final consultations with clients changes are made to the concept chosen according to their taste in this phase. A scale floor plan along with furniture placement is conceived according to clients’ personality and functional requirements. This will enable to furnish the space and try out different layouts. The right colour palette that sets the tone and invigorates each room is recommended. The details that make homes personal and specific to each client like wallpaper, indoor plants, ceiling lighting, carpets, mirrors and curtains that create a luxury feel and classy look are chosen in consultation with clients.

Our interior designing team is fantastically professional.if you want to create interior environments which might be useful, safe, and adhere to building codes, rules and ADA necessities. They go past the selection of color palettes and fixtures and follow their information to the development of creation documents, occupancy masses, healthcare rules and sustainable design principles, as well as the control and coordination of expert services consisting of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and lifestyles protection—all to ensure that people can stay, analyze.

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